Amethyst Carvings by
Michael M. Dyber

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19.00 ct. Amethyst, Bolivia, Natural
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68.00 ct. Amethyst, Bolivia, Natural
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45.07 ct. Amethyst, Bolivia, Natural
A188 View Large Image 20.47 ct. Amethyst, Bolivia, Natural SOLD
A189 View Large Image 20.05 ct. Amethyst, Bolivia, Natural SOLD
A202 View Large Image Amethyst Brazil 85.94 ct. Available
A204 View Large Image Amethyst Brazil 61.80 ct. SOLD
A208 Amethyst Brazil 86.42 ct. SOLD  
A219 Amethyst 34.77 ct. Available
A220 A220 A220 Amethyst 48.28 ct. Available

Amethyst 38.85 ct.

A223 Amethyst 32.22 ct. SOLD
A227 Amethyst 37.33 ct Available
A228 Amethyst 46.75 ct. SOLD
A229 Amethyst 38.39 ct. SOLD
A231 Amethyst 51.99 ct. Available
A232 Amethyst 173.91 ct.
A235 Amethyst 89.26 ct. Available
A237 Amethyst 143.86 ct. Available
A238 Amethyst 72.77 ct. Available
A246 A246 Amethyst, Brazil 113.60 ct Available
A247 A247 Amethyst, Brazil 66.82 ct Available
A248 A248 Amethyst, Brazil 55.80 ct. Available
A250 Amethyst Brazil 43.56 ct  Available
A252 Amethyst,Brazil 55.66 ct. Available
A253 A253 Amethyst, Brazil 98.00 ct. Available

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