Aquamarine Carvings by
Michael M. Dyber

ID# Thumbnail Details Availability View Large Image
AQ122 View Larger Image 70.40 ct. Aquamarine, Brazil Available
AQ183 View Larger Image 51.33 ct. Aquamarine, Brazil Available
AQ198 View Larger Image 29.96 ct. Aquamarine, Brazil

AQ196 View Larger Image 22.72 ct. Aquamarine, Brazil SOLD
AQ207 View Larger Image 22.73 ct. Aquamarine, Brazil SOLD
AQ210 View Larger Image 16.68 ct. Aquamarine, Brazil SOLD
AQ211 17.00 ct. Aquamarine, Brazil Available
AQ219 View Larger Image 36.54 ct. Aquamarine, Brazil SOLD
AQ269 Aquamarine 16.06 SOLD
AQ267 Aquamarine, Brazil 17.35 ct. Available
AQ272 Aquamarine, Brazil 30.85 ct. Available
AQ273 Aquamarine, Brazil 27.66 ct Available

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