Citrine Carvings by
Michael M. Dyber

ID# Thumbnail Details Availability View Large Image
CIT168 View Large Image 31.24 ct., Citrine, Brazil, (heated) SOLD
CIT199 View Large Image 42.65 ct., Citrine Brazil (heated) Available
CIT201 View Large Image 37.14 ct., Citrine (heated) Available
CIT208 View Large Image 28.98 ct., Citrine Brazil (heated) SOLD
CIT204 View Large Image 53.58 ct., Citrine, Brazil (heated) SOLD
CIT206 21.85 ct., Citrine, Brazil (heated)

CIT213 View Large Image 26.75 ct., Citrine, Brazil (heated)
CIT221 View Large Image 21.75 ct. Citrine, Brazil, (heated) SOLD
CIT222 View Large Image 22.13 ct., Citrine, Brazil (heated)
CIT228 View Large Image 23.22 ct ., Citrine, Brazil (heated)
CIT238 View Large Image 77.84 ct., Citrine, Brazil (heated)
CIT242 74.40 ct. Citrine (heated) Available
CIT 259 Citrine 93.88 ct. Citrine Brazil (heated) SOLD
CIT264 46.37 ct. Citrine Brazil (heated) SOLD
CIT265 70.35 ct. Citrine Brazil (heated) Available
CIT267 CIT267 56.46 ct.Citrine Brazil (heated) Available
CIT273 108.35 ct. Citrine Brazil (heated) Available
CIT277 CIT277 Citrine (heated) 22.08 ct. SOLD
CIT 278 65.40 ct. Citrine Brazil (heated) Available 
CIT283 CIT283 121.01 ct. Citrine Brazil (heated) Available
CIT286 CIT286 251.62 ct. Citrine Brazil (heated) Available
CIT287 CIT287 192.36 ct. Citrine Brazil (heated) Available
CIT290 CIT290 187.28 ct. Citrine Brazil (heated)  Available

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