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“Palm Sculptures”™

Palm Sculptures

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SCULPT56  SCULPT56 1,267.80 ct. Brazilian Rutilated Quartz Available
SCULPT57 SCULPT57 198.62 ct Brazilian Rutilated Quartz SOLD


The latest edition in the continuing development
of Michael’s creative endeavors.

The name is derived from the fact that these sculptures
fit in the palm
of your hand. Because of their size the optical illusion is enhanced.

The collection is ever changing and developing.

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Email for more information on availability. Please include the inventory number of the stone or sculpture you are interested in, your Name, Email address, and a phone number that you can be reached at during the day.


RUTQ 101 Brazilian Rutilated Quartz
Sculpture 27 "Goldflow"
Sculpture 36 Quartz with Mineral Inclusion
Sculpture 39 "Obelisk"
Sculpture 42 Bolivian Ametrine
Sculpture 45 Bolivian Ametrine

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News Pictures of the Carving Process
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Rutilated Quartz Palm Sculpture RUTQ101 Bolivian Ametrine Palm Sculpture #39 Golden Beryl Palm Sculpture #27 Quartz with Inclusions, Palm Sculpture #36 Bolivian Ametrine Palm Sculpture #45 Bolivian Ametrine Rutilated Quartz Palm Sculpture #42